Software Packages


Wilmot Technologies has a web-based software suite that will help your team work more effectively. Choose from individual applications to help you schedule meetings, track your working hours or bundle them both together and streamline your workflow. 


Calendarize is an intuitive booking software platform. Users can schedule meetings with you that work with your schedule. Use Calendarize to book meetings, send notes and track attendance. Calendarize is easy to implement with any computer and web system.

WTI AssetCare Pro 2022

WTI AssetCare Pro is a web based cross platform asset management software, that allows you to manage all your assets across different locations from a single dashboard.

Some of the key features of WTI AssetCare Pro are :

o – Track assets online from multiple locations and departments within different locations.
o – Check assets out to your employees, and maintain a history of who has had it.
o – Add logs to individual assets, such as repairs, software updates, deposal etc.
o – Attach any kind of file such as invoices, pictures, manuals, warranty information, etc.
o – Audit your company’s assets.
o – Categories assets into different categories.
o – Keep track of related vendors and contacts.
o – Generate asset reports.

Team Time X

Team Time X is the only time sheet your team will need. Track hours and overtime in one easy-to-use platform.